Maspac Manufacturing was established in the year 1997 as the manufacturing arm for the parent company Pacific Refrigerating Sdn Bhd (PRSB). This division was establish with the objective to reap the benefits of processed food manufacturing demand by using modern technology and equipment, and the finest ingredients to produce a wide range of high quality products such as cold cuts, sausages, burger, beef bacons and frankfurters.

This manufacturing division has since established its own brand MASPAC, produces processed products in retail packaging in order to distribute to hypermarkets, and also produces portion control packages for hotels and restaurants. Maspac Manufacturing policy is to provide, produce and deliver the highest quality and safe food with the best service possible at a competitive price. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility as a food manufacturing company to ensure hygiene practices in the handling of all products imported, produced, prepared, process packed, stored, transported and distributed in order to ensure safe, sound and wholesome products fits for human consumption.

Maspac Manufacturing operational objective is to ensure all measures of implementation, operation and maintenance of the company meet these policies whilst conforming to government’s regulation and industry codes of practices related to the productions of wholesome product which is free from diseases as outlined in PRSB safety manual. At Maspac Manufacturing, food production is governed by strict adherence to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and we are currently in the process of implementing HACCP and inter ISO:22000 into the manufacturing division in order to ensure the products produced meet the required standard as set by the relevant authorities. We are also committed to acquire the prestigious VHM logo (Veterinary Health Mark) in order to be able to expand our market locally and overseas.

Maspac Manufacturing is continuously striving to provide operational excellence to customers through quality, service, cleanliness and value.

We provide, produce and deliver highest quality food and best service.
We are committed to Freshness, Quality of products at good prices with excellent customer service.
We are importer & distributor of Fresh, Live, Frozen & Halal meats and meats products.

Our brands

  • Allana
  • Clearwater
  • Golden Phoenix
  • Grand or
  • Mandagery
  • Muller
  • pure south
  • Rechels
  • Regal
  • Talley's
  • ThunderRidge
  • maspac
  • Happy Valley
  • Harvey Beef
  • Iowa Valley Farms
  • Margaret River
  • Midamar Corp
  • O\'Connor
  • Ralphs
  • Swift & Company
  • Taylor Preston
  • Thomas Food International
  • Wammco
  • Jade Tiger Abalone
  • Ararat
  • Mcphee
  • Nolan
  • True Aussie Goat
  • Organic Valley

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